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FishMadMan Baby Tube Rat - Hot Orange Ass

5,90 €
FishMadMan Baby Tube Rat - Hot Orange Ass

FishMadMan Baby Tube Rat - Hot Orange Ass

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This the Baby Tube Rat is a development of our original Tube Rat ™. The Tube Rat ™ and its relatives are actually pike patterns that we designed for Scandinavian pike anglers – but quite a few anglers fishing Taimen, big brownies, rainbow, and Brook trout made orders for their fishing. Build on our special hitch tube this fly will be a super-light alternative to those big rodent imitations tied on hopeless heavy long shank hooks. Leverage problems will be solved with this Tube Rat, that will hold a variety of different short shank hooks.

We know you’re going to enjoy fishing this pattern – it will cast with ease even on medium light fly fishing gear.

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Baby50mm #2/0 - #3/0

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