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Frödin Flies - 8 Great flies for surface

57,90 €
Frödin Flies - 8 Great flies for surface

Frödin Flies - 8 Great flies for surface


Frödin Flies fly selections are based on thousands of fishing days and tens of thousands of takes. Each box contains flies that have saved many fishing days. We have filled our new SALAR Supreme boxes and 8 great flies in every box, suitable for specific conditions. It can be a start to build on or the box that saves the day. In every one of the boxes you find a valuable note made of tear- and waterproof paper, with tips from Mikael Frödin. When to fish the flies, where and maybe even how to make them produce the take. FF fly selections give You 8 truly proven flies for every 

8 Great flies for surface

Dries and skaters that will make your hart stop – flies that give you the best takes. Just do it - dare to fish the surface. Presented in our “Micro & Dry Fly” SALAR Supreme box.

  • Tri-Turbo Bomber - Brown 4cm
  • Tri-Turbo Bomber - Orange 4cm
  • Tri-Turbo Bomber - Green 2cm
  • Tri-Turbo Bomber - White 2cm
  • Black Simple Hitch 3cm
  • Greenlander Hitch 3cm 
  • Green Simple Hitch 1,5cm
  • Zebra Hitch 1,5cm

Frödin Flies Fly Selections